Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Scoolplace No-Support-Policy about?

    Not everyone needs support. Low pricing, but NO SUPPORT for software, routing requests, template requests, control panel installations and so on.

  • Does Scoolplace provide backups?

    We don't keep backups, you are responsible for security and data backup. Our mother company offers an external backup service. Have a look

  • Do you offer any guarantees or provide refunds?

    We run the systems based on a best-effort policy. We do not offer SLA or uptime guarantee. No refunds are granted under any circumstances.

  • Can I reinstall my container with another operating system?

    VPS are being provisioned based on your preferred OS as you selected at the order page. Please reinstall your VPS in our controlpanel in case you require another OS

  • Where are Scoolplace servers located?

    Scoolplace hostnodes are located in France, Strasbourg.

  • Can i run Minecraft ?

    Minecraft is allowed, but you won't be pleased with the performance. The nodes run on E5 CPUs (which have a lower clockspeed than i7). Think twice before ordering. You can check dedicated servers or gaming servers for better perfomance.

  • What is a VPS used for?

    A VPS is a virtual private server used to host websites - including online shops, written content, media content, and/or software applications, primarily web applications - portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wiki, CRM, etc.
    In contrast to a web hosting plan, a VPS can isolate multiple applications within a single virtual machine that's dedicated to one customer. This virtual machine shares physical resources (infrastructures) with other virtual machines, but a share of these resources is dedicated to it.

  • Who can use a VPS?

    Anybody with minimum technical skills can use a VPS.
    Only minimal administration skills are required.

    Scoolplace is increasingly offering pre-installed versions, and versions equipped with tools and applications to make it easier to manage these containers.

    If you need a hosting system based on guaranteed resources but don't want to deal with server administration, Scoolplace recommends dedicated vps or physical server.

  • Is a VPS or web hosting plan more suitable?

    A VPS is the logical next step after a web hosting plan.

    A VPS gives you more freedom and root access, which gives you access to Apache, and PHP init so you can change PHP variables, install an SSL certificate and any type of software. In short, a VPS gives you much more freedom, without the responsibility that comes with a physical dedicated server.

    On a shared server, however, you don't control performance, so you rely on the performance provided by the shared platform.
    With a VPS, you need to choose a configuration that's suitable for your application now, and then adjust it to cater to your application's growth.

  • Can I host adult content on a VPS?

    As long as the content is legal and the website complies with the rules of an adult website, e.g. access to minors is prohibited, you can absolutely host adult content on your VPS.

  • What usage is allowed on VPS? Will it be shut down if I use too many resources?

    You are free to use your virtual machine as you wish and to install on it the software of your choice, subject to the legal limitations described in our general and special terms and conditions.

    When sharing a physical host, every user has a quota for each resource - CPU, RAM, drives, etc. In compliance with our general conditions, we reserve the right to put a VPS in quarantine if used in a way that poses a threat to the stability of the infrastructure.
    Intensive and continuous usage of the CPU for example, could trigger this process.

    This applications will result in VPS suspension and reactivation if you remove the applications permanently, second offense will result in termination:
    * Cardsharing applications
    * Bitcoin and similar software, this includes mining, clients and relays.
    * Tor/I2P, only allowed as client
    * VPN/Proxy/Webproxy services (non-commercial and free, personal use is allowed)

    This applications will result in service termination, without refund:
    * Spam, this includes *ANY* mail not double opt-in
    * Camfrog or similar software
    * Botnet C&Cs/Clients/Dropzones and anything related to it

    And we reserve the right to ask you to remove the following applications in case of resource abuse by it:
    * Minecraft servers
    * Counter Strike 1.6 and other GoldSrc gameservers
    * Desktop environments